Trauma Informed Therapy


TF CBT is a research based therapy shown to help children, teens, and their parents cope with trauma. It is noramlly provided to children between the ages of 3 and 18. Talking about trauma is done in a gradual, supportive way and does not happen until the child has learned some skills to cope with the discomfort. TF- CBT helps families manage feelings, talk about trauma, and develop plans for feeling safe in the future. It includes the following:

-Education about trauma and its effects

-Help with parenting strategies for common behavior problems

-Training in relaxation/stress management

-Learning about feelings and ways to express them

-Finding and changing the thoughts about the trauma and self that can prevent healing

-Developing creative ways for children to gradually talk about what happened

-Engaging in some joint sessions to help the child and caregiver talk together about the trauma

-Learning and practicing safety skills


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