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Emergency Youth Shelter

NOYS is best known for the Shelter Program. Many local persons refer to us as the “Youth Shelter” or simply “the Shelter”. We are one of forty-one Community-Based Youth Service Agencies in Oklahoma designated by the Office of Juvenile Affairs. The shelter is not a detention center or mental health facility. Our mission is to provide temporary care and supervision for youth who do not have a more appropriate place to live. By law, the shelter cannot physically restrain residents. Professional level counseling is available to residents and families.

Children stay at the Shelter for many reasons. Some are victims of abuse and/or neglect. Others are runaways waiting to be reunited with their family. Some are in state’s custody and waiting for a foster home or bed in a treatment facility or group home. Youth who are arrested for offenses, which are not serious enough to merit detention, are sometimes housed in the Shelter temporarily when authorities believe the parents will not properly supervise them. A family in turmoil can sign a youth into the Shelter for a “cooling off” period, providing the family works with a counselor to resolve the crisis. The shelter has provided about 2000 child caredays to about 155–225 youths each year for the past decade.


During the years 2015-2017 we provided 2478 child care days to 133 youth on average per year

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